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Quests and Commission Centers

Killing monsters to gain experience points might be fun, but undertaking quests provides even more reward and excitement. Quests are various tasks that you'll be asked to complete, anything from killing a certain number of a particular type of monsters, killing one special monster in particular, collecting a specific number of items, or other miscellaneous tasks. Quests usually reward DIL and experience points, in addition to whatever rewards you receive while completing them. 

You should have already received one quest as soon as you entered the world, telling you to locate someone named Iron Blood Kale. Proper names in quest text usually refer to NPC’s, so you must find this NPC to complete the quest. If you’re having trouble finding Kale, or any other quest NPC, see the next section on how to use the in-game map. 

When you find Kale, you'll know that he's ready to talk to you, because of the large yellow question mark above his head. When you talk to him, you’ll see various dialogue options, with different icons. These designate various quests, and the icon indicates its status: 

  • Yellow exclamation mark – This quest is available for you to undertake. 
  • Yellow question mark – The quest is complete and the NPC is ready to give you your reward. 
  • White question mark – You’ve already accepted this quest but have yet to complete it. Try clicking on these anyway, as talking to the NPC may be the final step. 
  • Red exclamation mark – Main story quest that is available. Main story quests are less common, but offer greater rewards. 
  • Red question mark - Completed main story quest, probably offering a large reward. 
  • Blue exclamation mark - A repeatable quest that is available. Repeatable quests can be done as many times as you'd like, but some may be limited to once per day. You can accept a daily quests again once it has been completed, but only if you began the completed quest on a previous day. 


Clicking these entries might begin a new quest, complete an existing quest, or just have the NPC remind you what it is you need to do to complete an ongoing quest. 

Like Kale, other NPC's who are involved with quests will have indicators floating above their heads, depending on whether they have quests for you, what stage of those quests you are on, and what kind of quests they are. 

  • Yellow exclamation mark – The NPC has at least one quest available for you. 
  • Yellow question mark – You have fulfilled the objectives of a quest and the NPC is ready to give you your reward. 
  • White question mark – The NPC is waiting for you to complete a quest. 
  • Red exclamation mark - The NPC has a main story quest available for you. 
  • Red question mark – You have fulfilled the objectives of a main story quest and the NPC is ready to give you what is likely to be a substantial reward. 


The icon you are hoping to see might not take precedence over others, so try talking to the NPC anyway if you are hoping to see one icon over their hear but they are displaying another instead. 

Selecting an available quest will make the NPC give you a brief rundown on what you need to do. You can usually receive more details on the quest, and its DIL/experience rewards, by clicking the View Content button. 


Accepting a quest will add it to your Quest Progress Window, which is a window on your screen that tracks the progress of the indicated quests. If you want to add a quest which is not being displayed on the Progress Window, or remove any which are being displayed, open the Quest Screen with the Q key. Clicking the name of a listed quest will alternatively add or remove it from the Progress Window. The Quest Screen will also display the details of the clicked quest in case you want to double-check its objectives or rewards. 


Quest objectives which display numbers usually involve killing or collecting a certain number of something. Kill quests are rather straightforward, and you will be notified every time you have killed one of the appropriate creatures. Collect quests involve items which are dropped by certain creatures when they are killed. These objects usually have no use except for completing the quest, so don’t worry about giving them away. Keep in mind that quest items are not guaranteed to drop every time you kill a creature who may have them. Also, the item may or may not actually show up in your character’s inventory. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, you'll receive credit as long as the Quest Progress Window shows that you have fulfilled the objectives. 

Once all of its objectives are completed, the quest will display a different color in your Progress Window, indicating that you can now complete it. Find the Completion NPC (located on the quest details on your Quest Screen) and talk to them to complete the quest. All the rewards will automatically be credited to your character, and one or more new quests may now be available. 


Commission Centers 

Some reliable sources of quests are the Commission Centers found in most maps. 


You won't be able to undertake any of the Guild quests unless you join a guild, but you can undertake the Commission Center quests, and repeat them daily. There will also be two quests displayed named “Purify 100/500 Evil spirits,” which simply instruct you to go out and kill this many monsters. You can complete these quests at any commission center, not just the one you received the quest from, and they are a good source of experience points until higher levels.