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Trieste is a big place, and Ardeca is only the first of many areas that you will explore with your character. Because the world is so large, there are options available to you for travel, beyond simply hoofing it. 

Every character has a Return Point, which is set in Ardeca for new characters. If your character is killed, you will be brought back to your Return Point. You can also use a Return Scroll, a relatively cheap item available from most merchants, to come back to your Return Point at any time. 

If you wish to change your Return Point, you must locate a Return Master, who will change your Return Point to their location at no cost. There are only a few Return Masters in the world, and they are seldom located in out-of-the-way places. 


Teleporter NPC’s are more common and are happy to magically relocate you to a safe place in one of multiple distant locations. However, they charge handsomely for this service, and will refuse to teleport anyone who is of insufficient level to survive in the destination zone. 

If you are in possession of a Blessing Warp Stone (received from Connection Rewards), you can take advantage of Smart Warp, which suggests and moves your character to maps suitable to their level. The Warp Icon can be found next to the Minimap, and will provide a list of suitable locations, requiring one Blessing Warp Stone in order to safely and instantly teleport you there. The Field tab refers to large outdoor areas with suitably challenging quests and monsters, whereas Dungeon provides a list of instanced areas, which are much more challenging and may require a group. 


Regularly scheduled server events that are suitable for large numbers of players will offer you the chance to warp to them before they begin, also at the cost of a Blessing Warp Stone. Be advised that these events require a minimum character level before you will have the option to join them.