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spring update
  • triemuse update
  • level 250 cap expansion
  • big spring milestone
  • spring jumping event
  • new pet & new wings
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the 14th dekaron triemuse

The Demon World's class structure stood like an unyielding monolith. However, this was shaken by the treacherous acts of apostates, who sought to climb the ranks through deceit and slander. In the midst of this chaos, the Triemuse, a demon aristocrat , emerged as a beacon of hope and she ventured the continent of Trieste. She wishes to lead the defense against those with whose ascent to power poses a great threat to all worlds. Despite her weariness for endless conflicts, Triemuse remains resolute in her mission on saving the many worlds.

  • lilly
  • lilly
big spring contents
level 250 cap expansion image
level 250 cap expansion

Head on towards the road to supremacy with this latest update - raise the bar and exceed your limits with our level cap expansion!

new rondo skills & new talents image
new rondo skills & new talents

Higher level, more challenges Fret not Dekaron, improvements to your skills and talents will rollout alongside the Level 250 Cap Expansion Update

new pet: marionette image
new pet: marionette

As your new Triemuse venture toward the vastness of the lands of Trieste. It's great to have a companion in your perilous adventures. Grab this new pet from the DShop now!

new wings:black& white kemon wings image
new wings:black& white kemon wings

Equip your character with these legendary wings and soar above the competition. Become unstoppable and conquer all challenges that come your way.

big spring milestone
  • Milestone 1

    Reach 250 New Registrations after the maintenance

  • Milestone 2

    Recruit 250 Triemuses in Trieste and Helion.

  • Milestone 3

    Achieve 500 members in the official Dekaron on VFUN Discord Server.

  • Milestone 4

    Recruit 250 Triemuses in Trieste and Helion.

  • Milestone 5

    Recruit 250 Triemuses in Trieste and Helion.

  • Milestone 6

    Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

    *Pick who's the fairest
    among the female class.
  • Milestone 7

    Reach 250 Likes on Triemuse Reveal post on Instagram

  • Milestone 8

    Reach 250 reacts on Triemuse Reveal on the Facebook page.

  • Milestone 9

    Use 1,000 pcs. of Fishing Rods (any type) in Trieste and Helion.

  • Milestone 10

    Post your epic moment while in DK Square /Dungeon/PVP arena

    *Reach 50 comments
    /likes will get the reward.
  • Milestone 11

    Achieve a total of 30,000 hours playtime

  • Milestone 12

    Guess the item name.

  • Milestone 13

    Reach 1,000 Likes on the official Dekaron on VFUN Facebook Page.

  • Milestone 14

    Guess the dekaron (silhouette). Character in silhouette.

  • Milestone 15

    Hit Level 231 from Trieste and Helion and Share on Discord

    *1st 10 Shares in Discord reaching 100reacts unlocks this Milestone.
big spring events
spring jumping event spring jumping event image

Spring into action this season with our exciting Character Jumping Event! Create a character and soar from Level 1 to Level 185 instantly. Don't miss out on this opportunity to push ahead against the rest.

explorer of trieste explorer of trieste image

Embark on your adventure with a bang! Create a new character and receive a special welcome package filled with powerful items and boosts to kickstart your journey.

aid for the muse of trieste aid for the muse of trieste image

Venture the lands of Trieste as the Triemuse and be rewarded with great rewards by simply playing the game daily during the event period.

onwards to 200 onwards to 200 image

It's race my dear Triemuse, as only the powerful will stand victorious Race towards reaching Level 200 first and be rewarded. One winner will be picked from each server and five participants will also be rewarded for their efforts.