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NPC Shops

You will eventually find that, even with your stash, you are in possession of many more items than you can carry. You can drop most items on the group for anyone to grab, by clicking on them from your inventory and then clicking a particular spot on the ground, but it’s a better course of action to first try and sell what you can’t use yourself. 

Merchant NPC’s (also known as Vendors) might be willing to purchase your extra items. They usually have (Merchant) at the end of their displayed name. Talk to a merchant (you may have to select an option in the Chat box) to access the Shop screen, which displays the items that the merchant has for sale. 


When the Shop screen is open, items will have two new entries in their information screen: Purchase Price and Sell Price. All items have values for both purchase and sale prices, but selling an item will not add it to the merchant’s inventory. Likewise, just because an item has a purchase price does not necessarily mean that it is available for purchase somewhere. 


To sell an item, click on it and drop it on the merchant’s items. You will be prompted on whether you want to sell the item. The action cancels if you select No, but clicking Yes removes the item from your inventory, and adds the appropriate amount of DIL to your cash total. You can also right-click an item in your inventory while the Shop window is open to sell it. 

Merchants are not picky, and will purchase any item that can be sold, regardless of what they are selling. 

If you later change your mind about selling something, you can go to any merchant and click the Repurchase button. This will display a collection of items you have sold to merchants (not just the one to whom you are speaking), and you will be able to buy them back for the DIL you received. Be advised that the Repurchase inventory has limited capacity, and items added in excess of what it can hold will knock the first item added out, at which point it is gone for good. The Repurchase inventory is also cleared when you close or log out of the game, again losing the contained items forever. So sell carefully. 


If the merchant happens to have something that interests you, then purchasing is similar to selling. Click on one of the merchant’s items, and you will be prompted to select how many you wish to purchase. You can right click on an item to directly add it to your inventory, but you will not be given a prompt to confirm your purchase. Click carefully around expensive items, because merchants will only purchase most items back for a fraction of their Sell Price. 

Some merchants only take payment in the form of exotic currencies, such as C Coins or Z Coins, rather than DIL. However, items purchased for these currencies can only be sold back for DIL.