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Stalwart front-line defenders, bearers of divine magic and might.

Emerging from an elusive clan of jungle warriors, Alokens have waged a righteous war against the demonic forces of Karon since the Grand Fall, destroying evil and defending allies with equal ferocity. Alokens are a melee combat class who are balanced between defense and party support, though their damage is lacking. They claim to be descended from the very gods who once ruled Trieste, and whether this is fact or legend, the power of their protective and supportive magic can’t be denied.

Skill Trees
Spear: Deal many rapid hits to multiple nearby targets, and often include a movement component. Also includes some self and group enhancing magic.
Fire: Guardarm: A few potent and reliable defensive skills.
Spell: Buff spells which trigger a beneficial effect when the ally attacks or is attacked.

Party Roles
Physical Offense: Unexceptional on their own, but good at increasing the damage of allies.
Magical Offense: Magic is used by Alokens to augment physical prowess, not for direct attack.
Defense: Alokens have a well-deserved reputation for being very difficult to take down.
Support: Valued for the potent party buffs they provide.

Meister Titles
The Judgement: Offense-focused, with stronger attacks and group damage buffs.
Sanctuary: Empowered defense skills and buffs, and attacks to stun and immobilize enemies.