Azure Knight

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Azure Knight

Undisputed masters of martial skill.

Their order is sworn to serve the gods of the Incar, the source of all magic, but the purview of the Azure Knights lies in physical combat alone. They are the greatest pure warriors in Trieste, at home in the thick of melee. Azure Knights train in a variety of combat techniques, from massive two-handed weapons, to weapon-and-shield, to wielding a weapon in each hand. They drill with axe, mace, and sword, and some of their skills inflict various debilitating effects depending on which type of weapon is used. Two-handed weapons attack over a massive area and dual wielding has excellent damage potential. Azure Knights who bring a shield to bear deal less damage but can absorb much more of it. Azure Knights training includes tactics and leadership, and they are capable of inspiring and protecting allies at opportune times, and of drawing upon reserves of inner willpower in moments of desperation.

Skill Trees

Protection: Powerful defensive skills, which persist even after the shield is doffed in favour of stronger weapons
Destruction: Large weapons allow for excellent damage and debilitating effects over a wide area.
Dual: Multiple rapid weapon attacks against a single target or spread out among many, dealing damage at a steady rate.
Honor: Attack and support skills, all usable regardless of the weapon wielded.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Entirely focused upon physical combat, inflicts heavy physical damage to every foe who dares approach.
Magical Offense: Azure Knights have no magical ability.
Defense: Keep a shield handy to make regular use of its skills, and you'll be unstoppable.
Support: Not a dedicated support class, but knows a limited number of support skills.

Meister Titles

Grandis Eques: Powerful and slow area attacks with two-handed weapons.
Velox Eques: Use dual weapons to rapidly tear into fewer targets.