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Allies from another realm, tipping the balance of battle with subtle magic.

Once a reclusive race who took little interest in mortal affairs, the Segnales recently emerged from their hiding places to assist humanity in their war against Karon. They wear distinct near-human forms, but Segnales are unmistakably not mortal beings, and their physical existence is sustained by something fundamentally different from what humans would call “life.” Segnales directly manipulate the flows of life and death to afflict their enemies with wounds and debilitation, or channel power through their whips to maim and kill. Revitalizing energy can be directed to allies on the brink of death, or even call back someone who has recently passed over that brink. Despite their unsettling nature, few humans would hesitate to enter battle with a Segnale at their side.

Skill Trees

Healing: Restore the HP of allies and bolster them with powerful buffs.
Curse: Many ways to temporarily debilitate or disable hostile targets.
Blood: The only direct attacks they have available, but still not tremendously deadly.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Attack from a safe distance with a whip, but don’t deal much damage on their own.
Magical Offense: Enough curse damage to get by, but direct attack is not their specialty.
Defense: Quite frail even with their own buffs and heals.
Support: Utterly unmatched. Buffs for every combat role, debuffs and disabling spells, and direct heals which can restore multiple allies at once.

Meister Titles

Healing Hands: Even more powerful support abilities to heal and buff allies.
Crimson Empress: Increased direct damage skills and more powerful debuffs.