Black Wizard

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Black Wizard

Channeling raw magical energy, without restraint or remorse.

Some initiates of the magical schools of Incar find that the spells they are taught are unable to keep pace with their personal ambitions. Those who break from tradition inevitably discover a secret disavowed by the Incar order – the Dark that lies between the conventional magical schools of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. By transcending the limitations once imposed upon them, Black Wizards learn how to control this Dark energy to create wide, damaging energy blasts, and how to gain a better mastery of raw, unfocused magic. Darkness is anathema to living things, so Black Wizards are also adept with spells that cripple or corrupt. Eschewing the staves and wands of their former colleagues, the orbs which float eerily around a Black Wizard betray the forbidden power they wield, a power which the Incar order maintains is better left alone.

Skill Trees

Energy: Pure magic damage, which is more difficult to resist than attacks with specific elemental properties. Also contains some helpful support and defensive skills
Destruction: High damage of the darkness type, and may push back the target or caster, granting some breathing room.
Pain: Less damage then other spells, but come with effects such as restoring the caster's health or inflicting various debuffs.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Auto-attack damage increases with better orbs and can help finish off a foe, but overall not suited to physical combat.
Magical Offense: Unleash terrifying spells, dealing large amounts of magic or dark damage to many targets at once.
Defense: Can increase survivability with equipment and spells, but still fragile. Their best defense is to avoid getting hit.
Support: Can buff a group’s Spirit, but most utility comes from weakening and slowing debuffs.

Meister Titles

Destroyer: Grant more power to Energy skills, and learn even more vicious pure magic attacks.
Distrebyss: Augments Destruction skills, and damage and debilitate with more Dark skills.