Conserra Summoner

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Conserra Summoner

Stalk prey and inflict suffering via pacts with unseen forces.

Humans who seek power by through pacts with primal spirits are known as Summoners. Conserra Summoners employ their pact abilities to hunt and kill those who would cross them, and are regarded as the finest assassins in Trieste. Focusing power through a staff lets them boost allies and channel corrosive toxins. When attacking with the dual blade, they can slip into a temporary state of invisibility to make deadly surprise attacks. In either situation, Conserra Summoners can use their pact to call spiritual allies. A very well-rounded class, with a broad set of skills.

Skill Trees

Rule: Sustained poison damage to multiple targets, plus some support skills and Chakra buffs/debuffs.
Shadow Krieg: Physical and poison damage over an area with the dual blade.
Transformation: A few miscellaneous skills useful for both magical and physical combat.
Summon: Call monstrous allies who assist in attack and defense. They remain until dismissed or killed.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Respectable physical damage with dual blades. Some summoned creatures also pack a punch.
Magical Offense: Augment dual blade attacks with impressive poison damage. Or deal even more poison damage when using staves. Summoned creatures deal multiple types of magical damage.
Defense: Not dedicated tanks, but not fragile either. Summoned creatures can attract an enemy’s focus and take a few hits.
Support: Some useful utility skills, particularly stealth. Chakra skills grant buffs and debuffs to everyone within a small area.

Meister Titles

Creatrix: More powerful poison spells, potent Chakras, and a physically powerful summoned minion.
Whispering Death: Greater dual blade attack power, primarily against a single target. Call a strong magic attacking minion.