Dragon Knight

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Dragon Knight

Strong and resolute warriors who bear a capricious power.

Some might wonder why these seemingly young and inexperienced warriors are so feared. Anyone who witnesses them in battle discovers that Dragon Knights are granted power not through endless drills and years of experience, but directly by their patron goddess, Siege. Their signature weapon, a heavy hammer known as the Seal Force, grants Dragon Knights access to the collective might of the dragon clans, whom their goddess has kept imprisoned for ages. The powers of a dragon are as unpredictable as its temper, and the blessings they grant are fickle and unpredictable. Dragon Knights would have it no other way, and fully embrace the chaotic rage of dragons to crush foes, shrug off injuries, and grant boons to allies.

Skill Trees

Attack: Mostly damage to a single target but deal solid damage and often inflict debuffs.
Aegis: A variety of powerful but short-duration buffs, for you and your allies.
Inat: A few attacks and buffs. Inat skills have a chance of briefly changing into a much more powerful version, based on certain conditions.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: At home in the thick of combat, dealing high melee damage.
Magical Offense: Granted their powers through magical means, but only to deal physical damage.
Defense: Highly resilient to harm, with heavy armour and multiple defensive skills.
Support: Brings many useful buffs and debuffs to parties.

Meister Titles

Ensis: Focus on greater damage potential for self and allies.
Arae: Increased defenses, and destructive auras damage multiple nearby targets.