Incar Magician

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Incar Magician

Pious scholars of magic, custodians of elemental forces.

The twelve deities of the Incar are the source of all mortal magic, and their faithful priests see the mastery and use of this power as an act of religious devotion. Incar magic falls into three schools: Fire, Ice, and Lightning, and most Incar Magicians pursue one of these elements to the exclusion of the other two, eventually acquiring unmatched magical damage potential. In addition, All Incar Magicians learn a few utility spells which harness pure magical energy. Utility spells include buffing the Spirit of allies and conjuring temporary shields of pure magic. Wands are the signature standards of the Incar order, but Incar Magicians are equally capable with staves.

Skill Trees

Energy: Multiple defense and support skills. Few damaging skills, but pure magical attacks are harder to resist than energy attacks.
Fire: Purge evil via intense flames and molten lava.
Ice: Inflict direct damage with the ferocity of winter and slow or immobilize targets.
Lightning: Electrify the wicked with all the fury of a raging storm.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Auto-attacks are not insignificant at low levels, but quickly become a losing strategy against stronger foes.
Magical Offense: The strongest magical damage around, with three possible energy types.
Defense: Survive some damage via a temporary barrier, but still relatively fragile.
Support: Spirit and resistance buffs, and some handy utility spells.

Meister Titles

Force Master: Deal even more pure magic damage, and buff allies’ elemental property resistances.
Elemental Lord: Further mastery of elemental property damage and debilitation.