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Cold-blooded killers, existing only to torment and feed upon the weak.

Originating from the same realm as the Segnales, the Segeuripers followed their counterparts to this realm with the intent to feed upon humans, not to aid them. Because they fear the potential threat of the Segnales should they permanently ally with humanity, Segeuripers begrudgingly work with humans, occasionally supporting them in battle with powerful magic. Still, they are ultimately self-serving, and their allies should bear this in mind. Segeuripers are almost as fond of spilling blood with their scythes as they are of drinking it, and they are perhaps the deadliest killers in all Trieste.

Skill Trees

Heal: More focused on restoring their own HP than allies’ but has many powerful party buffs.
Curse: A variety of dark powers which weaken and cripple.
Scythe: Massive physical and curse damage to single or multiple nearby targets.

Party Roles

Physical Offense: Their scythes inflict heavy damage at close range.
Magical Offense: Their scythes inflict heavy damage at close range.
Defense: Able to boost their own defenses and drain HP from enemies, but still can't withstand much damage.
Support: Very powerful buffs and debuffs and a limited ability to resurrect.

Meister Titles

Infelicitas: Increased curse damage, and inflict even more vicious debuffs.
The Destiny: Focus on physical damage, nearly unmatched killing potential.